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News and Highlights

>> Congratulations to Kira Evitts on passing her general exam and becoming a PhD Candidate in the UW Bioengineering PhD program! [May 2024]

Celebrating with Kira (second from right) after her general exam.

>> Fred Yeboah, MCB PhD candidate, at his doctoral hooding ceremony with Dr. Jessica Young! Congratulations on your successful thesis defense, Fred! [June 2023]

fred cap and gown_edited_edited.png

>> Congratulations to Dr. Swati Mishra on her promotion to Acting Instructor! [2023]


>> Congratulations to Kira Evitts, Bioengineering PhD student, whose paper "Amyloid beta peptides (Aβ) from Alzheimer’s disease neuronal secretome induce endothelial activation in a human cerebral microvessel model" was accepted in the journal Neurobiology of Disease. This is a collaborative project with Yu Jung Shin and Professor Ying Zheng at ISCRM. [2023]

kira award pic_edited.jpg

>> Members of the Young Lab celebrated Dr. Jessica Young's promotion to Associate Professor! Congrats to Jessica, from the Young lab team! 

[August, 2022]

>> Congratulations to Dr. Allison Knupp, who successfully defended her PhD thesis! 

[November, 2021]

allison defense celebration_IMG_1705_edited.jpg

(Allison third from left)

Grants and Awards

>> The Young lab has received a grant from the Alzheimer's Association to test how loss of the AD risk gene SORL1 affects neurons and microglia and enhancing the pathway via small molecules might be therapeutic. [2023]

>> The Young lab has received an R21 grant to study the loss of Tau function in neurons.

Read more here! [2023]

Screen Shot 2023-06-15 at 12.05.56 PM.png

>> Congratulations to Fred Yeboah for being nominated by the MCB program for the UW Graduate School Medal


fred award photo_edited.png

>>  Congratulations to Andy Williams, PhD for receiving a position on the UW Alzheimer’s Disease Training Program Training Grant!

[Summer, 2022]


>> Congratulations to Eiden Brewer on the Mary Gates Undergraduate Research Scholarship​ 

[Spring/Summer 2022]


(Eiden, middle)

>> Congratulations to Swati Mishra, PhD for receiving the UW ADRC Development Grant (Defining the role of endo-lysosomal dysfunction in human microglia harboring Alzheimer’s disease (AD)- predisposing mutations in a 2-dimensional monolayer and a novel 3-dimensional cerebral organoid model system)


Lab group pic (2)_edited.jpg

(Swati, middle)

>> Congratulations to Kira Evitts on the Training Grant Fellowship (Biological Mechanisms of Healthy Aging)


Lab group pic (2)_edited.jpg

(Kira, left)

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